PCA Skin

PCA SKIN’s products incorporate the latest in medically scientifically researched ingredients to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate skin, delivering optimal results. Free of synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, phthalates and other known sensitizers, they are designed to deliver results without irritation. They are especially effective for helping to treat such varied skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles.

Professional treatment products

PCA SKIN professional treatments are scientifically formulated to gently stimulate, firm and tighten skin. Clinically researched formulations and customized regimen help reduce the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles, smooth rough skin texture, calm skin, improve uneven skin tone and assist in clearing complexions.

Pre- and post-treatment products

Using PCA SKIN’s daily care products in the weeks before a professional treatment is an important step in preparing the skin and ensuring excellent results. Equally as important, post-treatment products are designed to be used after professional treatments to maximize the results and minimize the potential for uncommon side effects.

Daily care products

Along with receiving regular treatments from a clinician, a daily care regimen is critical to achieving and maintaining optimal skin health. While professional treatments are just as important for the health of the skin, doing your part on a daily basis to improve and maintain the results of those treatments is key.

Myths and Misconceptions

Myth: Chemical peels & homecare products can be used to lighten freckles
Truth: Freckles that have been present since early childhood are part of your genetic make-up. Most people who have a naturally freckled complexion may try to even the overall tone with frequent UV exposure and tanning. This can lead to additional sun induced freckling and skin discoloration. While chemical peels and cosmeceutical products will correct the freckling from sun damage, freckles that are part of your hereditary background will always resurface.

Myth: Acne is only a problem during adolescence.
Truth: Acne is becoming a more common skin challenge in adults. Adult acne affects more women than men and is often caused by hormone fluctuations and/or stress. Adult acne most commonly affects the lower areas of the face while adolescent acne is more widespread. As skin ages, oil production slows making it critical to choose products to address adult acne that are not too drying. Acne affects each of us differently as we age and should be treated accordingly.

Myth: The light and dark spots that are sometimes present after excessive sun exposure are treatable
Truth: The white areas are called hypopigmentation and, as of now there is no known method to permanently correct this condition. Typically hypopigmentation is accompanied by hyperpigmentation or dark spots that can be treated. Evening the surrounding dark spots will often lessen the appearance of the lighter areas.

Oily or breakout-prone skin requires multiple cleansings throughout the day and does not need any moisturizer.
Truth: Cleansing the skin more than the recommended twice daily and/or using harsh soaps can actually cause the skin to produce more oil. The skin is programmed to keep itself balanced so when the beneficial natural oils are stripped, its response is to create more oil to compensate. Patients with oilier skin should cleanse with a non-soap cleanser twice a day followed with an antibacterial matte finish hydrator both day and night. The application of the correct moisturizer will also help to regulate the amount of oil produced throughout the day.