Teosyal Redensity II

You can’t hide anything when someone looks deep into your eyes…… except your age! Say goodbye to dark circles, hollows and tired looking eyes with Redensity II, a revolutionary new dermal filler formulated specifically for the delicate eye area. Call today to learn more!

Do you look in the mirror and wish those dark circles around your eyes away? Now you can! We are now offering a NEW treatment, Redensity II, that has been designed to fill hallows, brighten dark circles and improve the texture and elasticity around the eye area. Check out these immediate before and after photos. You won’t believe your eyes!!

Do your friends often say that you “look tired” but you feel vibrant?! Let the outside reflect how you’re feeling inside with Redensity II – the first dermal filler of its kind that combines hyaluronic acid, amino acids and nutrients to rejuvenate the eye are immediately, comfortably and noticeably!

Teosyal® Kiss- For Sensational Lips

Teosyal® KISS is a long lasting, easy to inject product to treat the lips and the areas around the mouth.  Teosyal Kiss allows you to:

• Reshape Lip Contours
• Increase Lip Volume
• Treat Wrinkles Around The  Mouth
• Support Lip Corners
• Rehydrate The Lips

Lips can be difficult to treat because of their mobility and dense blood vessel network, so they require a specially developed product. Teosyal® Kiss is an exclusive, innovative gel formula to treat the sensitive area around the lips.

Teosyal® Kiss is highly cross-linked in order to obtain a product which is more resistant to being broken down, guaranteeing optimal lifespan. A top-up treatment, requiring a smaller injection, is recommended after 6 – 9 months.

Precise Correction
Thin 27G or 30G needle, enabling a very fine correction of the lips and lip contour

Natural Look & Feel
Highly viscous and deliver an ample fill

Optimal Lifespan
9 to 12 month average effect

Teosyal® Ultra Deep- For Facial Volume

Teosyal® Ultra Deep is the first implant specifically designed to treat lost volume, deep wrinkles and folds in the skin.  Teosyal® Ultra Deep allows you to:

• Create Or Restore Facial Volume
• Re-Sculpt Facial Contours
• Treat Deep Wrinkles In Thick Skin
• Erase Folds In The Skin
• Correct Minor Ptosis
• Restore The Face’s Original Curves

Teosyal® Ultra Deep is a product which is specially designed for treating volumes and is injected using fine 26G 5/8 needles; the injection is not traumatic for the patient and does not require an incision.

Highly cross-linked, Teosyal® Ultra Deep optimises your results long-term: a top-up treatment, requiring a smaller injection, is recommended after 9 – 12 months.
With Teosyal® Ultra Deep you can create or restore facial volumes, resculpt facial contours, treat deep wrinkles in thick skin, remove skin folds, correct minor ptosis and restore original facial curves.

Immediate Effect
Achieves an immediate volumizing effect

Minimal Discomfort
Injected with a think 26G 5/8 needle

Long Lasting
Long lasting results fo 12 months or more