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Croma Saypha

saypha® injectables: where science meets safety.

Known and trusted worldwide, no company has more history or experience in the development of hyaluronic acid injectable products than Croma. Over 40 years ago, Croma, based in Vienna, Austria, began creating hyaluronic products for ophthalmology. They developed their exacting manufacturing procedures for the most delicate organs in our body – our eyes. Those same quality and safety standards are practiced by Croma today as they anufacture hyaluronic injectables to reawaken the beauty of your face. Croma continues to earn your trust.

It’s not just our fillers… it’s how we fill. State-of-the-art glass syringe In your practitioner’s hands, the Croma saypha® syringe is designed for our safety and to support your practitioner’s skillful injecting. Our priorities – your safety and comfort – led to our developing the Croma saypha® syringe, loved by practitioners and awarded for ts innovative, practical design. For the practitioner, it means safe, comfortable handling and ultra-smooth, controlled- force injecting. For you, the glass syringe means a PA-free and pure HA filler. The ultra-thin needles mean comfort, less bruising, and fewer side effects.

What HA fillers could do for you:

  • correct and smooth nasolabial folds and wrinkles
  • restore lost volume
  • hydrate, plump and rejuvenate your skin
  • improve tone and elasticity of your skin

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